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Food Allergy Smart Book Review

The awesome team at My Food Allergy Friends have come out with another book in the ‘Thai’ series…if you haven’t come across these before, they are brilliant books about a lovely boy Thai who manages his allergies in preschool.  My kids absolutely love them and proudly take them to preschool or school occasionally.  

This new book ‘Thai’s guide to being food allergy smart’, by Jackie Nevard has been written with the wider community in mind: grandparents, parents, teachers, and wider support networks and is designed to help educate both the child and the people they are in constant contact with in order to keep them safe.  There is a lot of information contained in the book but is packaged in a very user-friendly way with lots of gorgeous illustrations, infographics and photographs.  

It defines food allergy for those new to this ‘interesting’ journey, covers the top allergens and how to read labels effectively.  This is awesome as we all know that’s one of the most challenging parts of living with food allergy.  I’m pretty sure most of us have been tripped up on a change of ingredients at some time or other!  It also covers places you might find hidden allergens, cross contamination, and how to effectively communicate important information about food allergy to children.  This book gives some personal information about how Thai’s family manage serious allergies in their home as a useful starting point.  There is also information for dealing with celebrations such as birthdays and sleepovers, and a yummy looking allergy-friendly recipe in the back for chocolate chip cookies, so it really covers all bases!  I think this book would be a  really sensitive way of discussing, and making plans for, dealing with allergies in the extended family without stepping on toes or feeling insensitive.  



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