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dairy free bircher muesli: transforming boring breakfasts one allergy at a time

dairy free bircher muesliThis recipe for dairy free bircher muesli is going to change your breakfast for ever!  Substituting dairy yoghurt for coconut yoghurt just makes it even more creamy and sensational 🙂

Ever wondered what fancy hotels and restaurants do with their leftovers? I’m going to let you in to a wee trade secret: nothing is ever wasted in hotels….even really fancy 5 star ones like I worked in. So it’s always a juggling act to turn leftovers into something AMAZING! All the leftover yoghurt and whipped cream from buffets nearly always gets turned into that creamy Bircher Muesli you find at hotel breakfast buffets. Want to try it but got dairy allergy in the house? No fear….coconut yoghurt is your friend!