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Photo by Carolyn Jenson

Fun with allergy kids is a blog providing recipes, support and guidance for families with allergies, helping demonstrate that having children with allergies doesn’t mean food and life has to be boring!  I’m Malena, pastry chef and solo Mum to 3 beautiful girls with varying levels of allergies.  I have anaphylaxis to spinach as well as a serious dairy and beef allergy.   My eldest daughter Maddie is allergic to dairy, egg, beef, apple, sheep’s and goat’s milk and tomato.  But even that couldn’t have prepared me for the allergy onslaught that came with number 2 daughter, Octavia.  She is anaphylactic to tree nuts and has very severe allergies to egg, peanut, dairy, corn, potato, banana, and tomato and reacts to nearly everything else.  At age 3 she survives on a limited diet of about 15 foods and a specialised formula, Neocate.  She requires antihistamine nearly daily and I need to apply a range of creams several times a day to keep on top of her eczema.  She is a 24/7 itching machine!  I have been granted a reprieve with my beautiful adventurer, Annie-Rose, aged 10 months.  She has tested positive to egg, dairy and peanut and is also allergic to corn, tomato and citrus/pineapple/kiwifruit, but none of these are serious and she eats pretty much everything else under the sun!  She has mild eczema but it is very easy to stay on top of.  We have, however, dealt with pretty hideous reflux with her 🙁 As well as posting about my own trials and tribulations and sharing some awesome recipes, I’d love to hear about everyone else’s journeys and also what works for you.