Tambura Foods

I was lucky enough to receive some snacks and chutney from Tambura Foods (https://www.tamburafoods.com) to review…sometimes this really is the best job in the world!

Tambura Foods
I was given 3 different types of crunchy snacks to try: original, lemon and spicy and an Indian style Chutney.  These snacks are gluten and dairy free which is pretty awesome, and they just happen to be pretty delicious too!  Two of my children (ages 1 and 8) were able to eat them and both happily munched away on the original flavour, which has a taste of Indian spice without much heat at all.  Incidentally, they are VERY crunchy 🙂  My 8 year old really loved the lemon flavoured ones.  She had some friends over one day and they had a great time daring each other to try the spicy ones which was hilarious to watch.  They were a bit too spicy for my relatively tame daughter, her Japanese friend ate a whole mouthful and came running out for a glass of milk and her Thai friend couldn’t even detect any spiciness and hoovered back half the packet!  As for me, I loved the original and spicy ones…the spicy ones have definitely got a kick but not enough to cause any distress and I think they would make a perfect adult party snack.  For kids parties, I’d definitely go with the original or lemon.  The cumin infused chutney is lovely too..it does have quite a strong cumin flavour which is fine for me.  I have found it a great meat accompaniment and been serving it with chicken and venison, but I think it would be lovely in vegetarian dishes too.  I think the spicy snacks would also be great mixed into a salad for an interesting texture.  An added bonus is they come in resealable pouches and I found they kept really well.

Wondering where to get these awesome treats?  You can head to the website: www.tamburafoods.com  and order straight from them or there is a list of places stocking it here 🙂  



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