My Food Bag Review: Gluten-Free

I’ve been super lucky this week getting to review some yummy things, and a week of gluten-free meals from My Food Bag is no exception!  

My Food Bag

Miss 3 excitedly taking out all the ingredients and naming each one!

Just in case you don’t want to read through the entire post, here are my thoughts about the My Food Bag Gluten-Free Bag ( and how it might fit with allergies. Before I say anything else, I should mention that the bag is not marketed at allergy families, just those on gluten-free diets, but I was interested to see how it would fit with a variety of allergies.
1. The whole operation is very, very professional and runs very smoothly. The delivery arrived at the start of the window specified and everything was in perfect condition.
2. Everything that would be at risk for contamination was labelled gluten-free and sealed. A big plus.
3. The portions are generous.
4. There was a good variety of food, and a different protein for each of the five nights.
5. In terms of allergies, I had to make some alterations each night, but we have an unusually large amount and variety of allergies in our household. Generally it was easy to make it fit for the whole family.
6. The recipes are very easy to follow; my 8 year old cooked some of the meals essentially by herself without any problems.