Gluten Free Gingerbread House

Gluten Free Gingerbread House (dairy, egg, nut and gluten free)

Every year one of our Christmas traditions is to make a gingerbread house.  This has been challenging to make dairy and egg free as I find they are really not as sturdy as the ones with egg in…but we persevere.  When my middle girl came along with her 100 + allergies, we put a house for her in the ‘too hard’ basket sadly.  We did try to do one last year but it wasn’t strong enough to stay together for very long and her food aversion issues meant she wouldn’t even taste it.  This year though I was determined to make one for her as she is all about being included right now…and slightly braver with trying foods (sometimes!).  I’m pleased to say it was a success…the dough worked out well, and it stayed together really nicely.  At this point, it hasn’t been tasted at all but I’m optimistic she will try it at some stage! It’s not exactly picture perfect, but Miss 5 wanted to do it ALL HERSELF. Bless.

Gluten free gingerbread house
We just made a really small one as I wasn’t sure if it would hold together, so you would need to double or more the recipe if you want a bigger house. We used a selection of gluten free lollies, marshmallows and candy canes for the decoration.

Gluten Free gingerbread house