Dairy free caramel slice: chewy dairy and egg free chocolate caramel slice


baking | February 21, 2016 | By

Dairy free caramel slice, which also happens to be egg free is the perfect answer to chocolate and sugar cravings….it’s not healthy, but it’s allergy friendly and incredibly delicious!
dairy free caramel slice

Probably the one thing I really love is chocolate caramel slice and until I found coconut condensed milk recently I had shelved it into that list at the back of my mind..the “things you miss most about dairy list”.  Then someone told me it wasn’t possible to do it with coconut condensed milk…and I just love a challenge haha.  A few words of warning: 1.if you have my level of self-control, you will eat the entire lot in 2 days. 2. It isn’t like a traditional caramel slice: think much oozier and chewier…but in my mind that’s a good thing!  3. There is nothing healthy about this and I am completely unapologetic about that fact because it tastes and looks sensational.