Cauliflower Soup: dairy free, gluten free and egg free


soup | March 3, 2016 | By

cauliflower soup
Creamy Cauliflower Soup is something I used to have often for a quick winter lunch when I was working in busy kitchens, and along with Jerusalem Artichoke soup (with lashings of truffle oil) would have to be one of my favourite soups of all time 🙂 I happened to have nearly a whole head of cauliflower wasting away in my fridge and a container of chicken stock left over from something I made yesterday, so even though it’s not really soup weather here right now, I thought I’d see if it was a winner for the kids. Two out of three can eat cauliflower and they both seemed to like it..I thought it was fab so definitely a winner! The coconut cream and the Moroccan spice sort of balanced each other out so it was neither really ‘coconutty’ or spicy, just really smooth and creamy. I served mine with roasted cauliflower, bacon pieces and salted whipped coconut cream with chopped chives which was a bit super naughty and nice, but you don’t have to.