Surprising places you might find foods you or your child are allergic to

Surprising places you might find foods you or your child are allergic to!

Thanks to some wonderful suggestions by the Fun With Allergy Kids community and my own experience and research, this is a list (not comprehensive, but may contain some surprises!) of places you might find allergens that you wouldn’t necessarily think of.

This is a photo of my middle daughter after reacting to her first dose of Paracetamol.  We still don’t know which ingredient in there affects her.

*peanut oil in soaps and creams

-this is often masquerading as ‘arachis oil’, and is also commonly used as a suspension agent in medicine and vitamins.  There is some debate about how dangerous this is for people allergic to peanut depending on whether it is refined or cold-pressed, but the general consensus is to avoid these products.

*lactose found in prescription medications and oral treatments

*dairy found in basic lemonade ice blocks given in hospital: don’t trust hospitals to keep you safe from allergic reactions!  This is something I hear often unfortunately 🙁 

*dairy found in soaps and lip balms

*lactose found in teething powder

*nut products in nappy creams

*poultry product found in cheese

*dairy in some brands of coconut cream, such as Ayam.  This is why reading labels EVERY time is just so so important.  It would be so easy to get caught out here.

*lactose in vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B; soy oil and peanut in other vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D.

*sorbitol: for those allergic to this, know that if the amount is under a threshold it does not have to be declared.  It is commonly found in children’s medicines.

*walnuts in artificial rum extract

*egg in one brand of cornstarch

*pasta containing egg served in hospital to an egg-allergic paediatric patient

*milk derivates in white vinegar

*dairy in some tic-tacs

*gluten in Vitamin C tablets, and not mentioned on the label.

*fish oil in some breads

*eggs and soy in some anaesthetics 

*dairy in children’s toothpastes

*dairy in some chupa chups

*wheat in soaps: be careful with children who drink the bath water!

*sesame in lip balms

*dairy in tinned spaghetti

*dairy in play dough

*milk powder in asthma inhalers

*wheat in many forms of pain relief, which doesn’t always need to be declared: it pays to ring/email the manufacturer to double check.

On the other hand: surprising places you would expect to find dairy that are actually dairy-free!

*buttercream icing found in the Spotlight cake decorating department actually contained no dairy whatsoever

*some Oreo cookies




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