Super easy, super creamy, nearly everything friendly Berry Sorbet

Think making your own ice-cream/sorbet is only for professionals and foodies? It’s total lies! And way way cheaper 🙂 And yummier!







250g sugar

500g mixed berries

250ml water

2 T glucose syrup

200 ml coconut cream

Bring the sugar and water together to the boil to make a simple syrup.  Add the glucose and stir to dissolve.  Let cool then blend all the ingredients together very well.  Pass through a strainer if you don’t want seeds in it!  Personally they don’t bother me but my kids prefer it strained 🙂

Place in an ice cream machine and churn until thick.  If there is any left after the kids have got into it, put in the freezer!

*It is possible to do this without an ice-cream machine by just freezing in a tray and whisking every 5 minutes until frozen.  It’s just not as smooth.  Placing the frozen mix into a food processor and blending well helps with this though.













And yay, a recipe that all three allergic kids can actually eat and all love!






If you want to replicate mine exactly, here are the brands I used:

IMG_8037 IMG_8035

















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