Mega Allergy Friendly Giveaway, Round Two

Welcome to our Mega Allergy Friendly Giveaway, Round Two…the last one was super popular and I know you wont be disappointed with the lineup of goodies I’ve organised for you all!  Massive thanks again to the incredibly generous businesses who have donated items.  I’m sure it goes without saying, but please do check labels and websites, and make an informed decision about whether it is ok for your family…and pass it on to somebody if it doesn’t πŸ™‚    If you do end up winning something, I’m sure they’d really appreciate your feedback on the products.  I’ve started loading all the things up for grabs below, some things will still be added as they arrive and others may be shifted around a bit when I get the delivery….but I’m sure you will agree, there is a lot to be excited about!  SO how does it work?  How can you win…I know that’s what you want to know!  Entry is open right underneath here for 2 weeks πŸ™‚  Then  go back to the official Facebook post pinned at the top and tell me 2 things: where in NZ you are from (this is important as I will be drawing a Christchurch prize as I have some fresh products) and what product(s) you would most like to win!  I will be drawing a major prize and 3 smaller prizes to share some of the love around.  Whoop!    And of course, please share the love around by spreading the word!

What’s up for grabs????

 Annies mixed packs of fruit bars:  Annies – food you trust – has always been focussed on presenting allergy friendly foods to an increasingly health conscious market of consumers. For 30 years the New Zealand company has led the way in pure delicious food that is not only good for you, but ticks most of the allergy boxes too. Annies 100% natural snack range is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, preservatives, sulphur, yeast, and concentrates and there’s no added sugar. 










Angel Food dairy free alternatives: parmesan alternative: smoky and original; mild and tasty cheese sauces, sour cream alternative, mozzarella alternative and onion dip.  


50 grape flavoured fruit hits from Enza foods!  Wow!  That’s snacks taken care of for a while!


Another really generous one: Three (!) Paleo Muffin mixes: Vanilla, Ginger and Chocolate and a pancake & crepe mix.  Thanks so much to Hunter Gatherer Gourmet for this prize!













An absolutely stunning cookbook that lots of people REALLY wanted to win last time:Goodbye Gluten by Sally Holland.  


Another popular request from last time! Goodies from Clean Paleo πŸ™‚  I’ve got CoGo Bites, muesli and protein powders….yum!!!  
s120309230180965963_p15_i1_w640 s120309230180965963_p16_i1_w640









Baking for a few weeks sorted thanks to Kea Cookies!  I’ve got an entire tub of hokey pokey cookies, and a box each of double choc chip and vanilla biscuits.  My 8 year old  just loves these since she tried them at the Gluten Free and Allergy show last year!

image_DCC-149x180 image_vanilla-136x180 750g-pail-Hokey-Pokey-e1454640254247-135x180









And because I know allergy families need to take food with them EVERYWHERE, I have organised Kai Carrier to add 5 of their amazing reusable food pouches to our massive haul…thanks so much Kai Carrier πŸ™‚


A topic that comes up a lot in allergy forums is what washing powder to use when you have children with allergies….especially when eczema is an issue as well. These soap nuts by Soap Nuts NZ are a favourite of mine, I’ve been using them for a long time now as my middle daughter has severe eczema.  They work really well and don’t have all the nasties in that washing powder does.  Soap Nuts NZ have kindly donated a 250g box of soap nuts with lavender oil to the prize pool πŸ™‚



Another big thanks to Friction Foods for a selection of corn in natural, salt and pepper, and garlic and onion flavours and a pack of plain rice bites.  My kids just love these gluten free snacks πŸ™‚

CornNaturalSingleShotShadow_1024x1024 CornGarlicOnionSingleShotShadow_1024x1024 CornSaltPepperSingleShotShadow_1024x1024 RiceNaturalSingleShotShadow_1024x1024











We’ve also got 5  Healthy Food Guide magazines to give away…I’ve been getting this magazine for years thanks to some kind family members gifting a subscription to me every year, and I love it!  I find there are lots of recipes and articles suited to those with allergies πŸ™‚


We’ve also got something else to help with dinner! 2 bottles of yummy sauce from get real food!  A tomato sauce and BBQ sauce that are refined sugar and preservative free and instead sweetened with apple juice and dates.  Awesome work πŸ™‚

MG_9155-200x300 MG_9156-200x300









Farmers Mill have been incredibly generous and given us 5 boxes of gluten free baking mixes: chocolate mud cake, pancake mix, banana bread, muffin mix and bread mix.  Big big thanks to them πŸ™‚


Big thanks to cathedral cove naturals for their donation of coconut oil, macadamia spread and raw Paleo Super Cereal…yum!  These lovely people make my favourite brand of coconut yoghurt and I know these other goodies are so delicious too πŸ™‚


Thanks to Loaf, we have 3 packets of delicious blissbites to give away….these delicious treats are free from dairy and gluten so get a big tick from me!


I just love the idea of these cute drinking chocolate bars from Bennetto, and so easy to use….just heat your milk of choice up really hot, then add a bar!  There are also other cute ways to use them on their website πŸ™‚  


VCO Natural have kindly donated 4 jars of their amazing coconut oil…this is the one I have been using lately in my baking and I love the mouthfeel of it πŸ™‚  


Another big thanks to Abe’s Bagels for two whole boxes of these delicious crisps!  This is the morning tea of choice for my 8 year old πŸ™‚ They’re also free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, cholesterol, added MSG, fake tans and other nasties.


CHIA have kindly donated 6 mixed bottles of their yummy drink πŸ™‚  My daughters also really love these.  Chia is blended with superjuices to give a powerful nutrient kick to the mind & body. 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan, GE Free, No preservatives, No added sugar and 100% New Zealand owned and made.


And one I’m personally excited to be able to include: Cassava flour and green banana flour from the lovely people at Food Compass… these are my go-to flours for gluten free baking when replacing flour and they have been life-changing for us as my daughter can’t tolerate gluten free premixes.  I’ve made all sorts of yummy things from these such as my Vegan Tiramisu πŸ™‚

banana-flour-500g-510x600-247x300 cassava-flour-nz-510x600
Thanks also to Fresh As for an amazing and very cool bundle of goodies!  There is a range of powders and freeze dried fruit for some lucky people πŸ™‚


Thanks again to Weleda for giving us some gorgeous products for pampering Mums and Bubs!  Almond sensitive skin care range for Mums and white mallow cream for the babies πŸ™‚



I was excited to see these cool kits for kids, and they definitely don’t disappoint! Big thanks to My Fun Box for the addition of this super fun crystal kit for a lucky family πŸ™‚

Holiday-Boredom-Buster-Box cool-crystals-cover-500x441




Dinner is seriously sorted thanks to Kaweka Foods!  I have 4 boxes of dinners to add to the giveaway, and they are super yummy!

meals-beans-bangers meals-thai-chicken

Rachelle McKeown who has taken out the main prize!!!

Also to three 2nd prize winners who each get a wee box of goodies:
Roz Archbold
Hayley Ng
Kaz Chauval

Can you all message me on the Facebook page with your details?????



  1. Leave a Reply

    Mardi Neumann
    June 7, 2016

    Some good looking products there…might even be able to give to my wee one. Love alternatives to an already restricted diet!

  2. Leave a Reply

    June 7, 2016

    Awesome prizes – well done, again!

  3. Leave a Reply

    Rachael McFarlane
    June 8, 2016

    Would love to be on your mailing list as having a 3 year old with allergies can be a little overwelming. So thank u.

  4. Leave a Reply

    Sophie Addison
    June 8, 2016

    This is so, so generous of you and I hope the person who wins, pays it forward one way or another. Thanks for the very lucky chance too…:) x

  5. Leave a Reply

    Kaz Chauval
    June 8, 2016

    Such incredible prizes. They all look so amazing! My family would love it all πŸ™‚ And there would be enough to share with another family I know who struggle with allergies x Thank you for this incredibly generous prize and thank you for giving us all the chance to win x

  6. Leave a Reply

    Michell lessing
    June 9, 2016

    These products look fabulous! !

  7. Leave a Reply

    Eddy Gies
    June 10, 2016

    wonderful prizes thanks for the chance to win for our families.

  8. Leave a Reply

    June 13, 2016

    Wow I’ve never seen so many goodies (especially with a student budget) yet look amazing

  9. Leave a Reply

    Clare Hilsz
    June 13, 2016

    What a fantastic line up of epic yummy things !

  10. Leave a Reply

    Cushla Kemp
    June 13, 2016

    Wowzer winning this prize would be amazing!

  11. Leave a Reply

    June 13, 2016

    Awesome Amazing Prize , Fingers Crossed

  12. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Miller
    June 14, 2016

    I would love to win these amazing prizes and to be able to give some treats to my 4 year old grandson who is dairy intolerant and my 13 year old granddaughter who is lacking in folic acid.

  13. Leave a Reply

    June 14, 2016

    Wow – this is incredible! Unfortunately I am not on Facebook, is there any other way of entering the competition? My children both have dairy allergies, & my husband is highly intolerant to dairy & gluten, & also has fructose malabsorption! So having the chance to win some of these amazing products would be a life saver! Thank you.

    • Leave a Reply

      June 20, 2016

      Hi πŸ™‚ I added you to the list for the other prizes (I had to use a fb app for the main one)…sorry you didn’t win this time!

  14. Leave a Reply

    June 15, 2016

    the products look amazing, I would be super happy to be able to try anything. Some of them we have tried and use. The cookbook would be amazing as I currently just google for any recipes, as I find the books too expensive for me to buy on top of all the different expensive food we need.

  15. Leave a Reply

    June 20, 2016

    All amazing products… I have tried most of them!

  16. Leave a Reply

    Chanelle situe
    June 20, 2016

    Wow these look amazing
    Its hard being a single mum to afford everything my son meed re;dietary requirements
    I would be blessed to have the opportunity to gibe some to him
    Thank you
    Allergy kids
    Yous rock!!

  17. Leave a Reply

    Jenny Smith
    June 22, 2016

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway, this would save so much money for our family, some great treats in there, thank you.

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