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A Just Organic Review for all those lovely readers who love organic fruit and vegetables but also may be interested in a bunch of other really cool allergy-friendly products. For those outside NZ, I’ve included in some really yummy recipes as well!
*I was given these products by Just Organic to review, but I have a personal policy to only write about products I think work with allergy families and are of good quality 🙂

Miss 4 was particularly excited to get a delivery of things she could eat and wandered around the house holding them for an hour or so haha!
File 28-08-16 07 21 17

File 28-08-16 07 24 24

So who are Just Organic?

They are a Christchurch-based company delivering certified organic produce and products to people all over NZ.  Majority of the produce comes from Canterbury and with the exception of bananas, all fresh produce is grown in New Zealand.  Apart from fruit and vegetables, they have an expanding range of all sorts of interesting produce I think will work well for allergy families.  I chose quinoa, mung beans (which we sprouted together…a really awesome toddler/preschool activity), brown basmati rice and amaranth flour.  

What did I receive?

Everything I received is shown here:

File 28-08-16 07 20 19

which consisted of a medium fruit box and large vegetable box along with the dry products I just mentioned.  One of the things I really loved was the flexibility: both the fruit and vegetable boxes come in either small, medium and large sizes.  Ordering is also really simple 🙂  Prices for the fruit and vegetable boxes range between just under $13 and $40.  

For me, an absolutely brilliant advantage is that they publish what is likely to be in the boxes on the website before you need to order.  I received exactly what was on the list, so this made meal planning really simple!

As you can see in the picture, the produce arrived in really good condition: it was packed very carefully in large boxes 🙂  Ethics are important to this company: they use as little packaging as possible and recycle wherever possible.  They also endeavour to provide fair trade produce when they need need to source from overseas: I received fair trade bananas with my order.

Another feature I absolutely love is the ability to build your own box by manually selecting specific fruit and vegetables if allergy to specific fruit and veges are an issue.  Big thumbs up to the company for this one!

Why choose organic?

*they are GE/GM free

*they are 100% natural

*they are not subjected to irradiation

*sustainability is usually at the heart of organic growers and suppliers

*for good health (if you are interested in this side of things, this company has some awesome advice on their blog, see this link for an article regarding health benefits of organic fruit and vegetables)

*No growth hormones, protein rich feeds, routine use of antibiotics, synthetic chemical fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides.

*avoiding toxic chemicals like glyphosate (see here for an article about this, but there have been links between this and Celiac disease..research is definitely still happening, so definitely something to watch out for)

So what did I do with all these yummy things???? (just click the links to go to the recipe)

Crispy Roast Pork Belly with Asian Style Salad

File 23-08-16 21 51 37

Lemon Meringue ‘Pie’ (dairy, egg, gluten, soy and nut free)

File 23-08-16 12 40 42

Lemon Chicken Salad with Basil Dressing (gluten, dairy, egg free)

File 23-08-16 21 50 35

Thanks to the team at Just Organic for the beautiful produce and I really hope these recipes inspire some of you to create something delicious!



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