Hungry Caterpillar Party

Birthday parties and allergies can be a very tricky combination! One awesome way around some of the challenges is to theme it around a beautiful children’s book, which can help take some of the emphasis off the food. For my most allergenic child’s 1st birthday I chose a Hungry Caterpillar theme. Even though she couldn’t eat any of the food (she could only tolerate 4 foods at that stage: chicken, rice, pear and Watties Carrots and rice in a wasn’t fun, trust me!), I made 99% of the food egg and dairy free so my other daughter could stay safe( from memory, there was a plate of cheese and a couple of decorations on the cake that weren’t but she was old enough to trust).

os birthday party 026









I basically made all the food listed in the book..with a bit of a twist. So we had candied apples, pear and almond tart, fresh plums , strawberry and lemon curd sable biscuit sandwiches (I know!  Yum!), jellied oranges, chocolate gateau, ice-cream cones filled with homemade marshmallow, gherkins, Swiss cheese (the only non allergy-friendly item!), pork salami (I now use venison salami though), lollipops, cherry pie, some saveloys I got made by a local butchery that were just pork (they closed down unfortunately!), dairy and egg free cupcakes, and fresh watermelon slices.

os birthday party 033 os birthday party 034






I also made up some cute signs for the food and some green caterpillar juice (lemonade coloured green).



os birthday party 041os birthday party 038








os birthday party 066I’m also mad enough to attempt the odd sewing project so made the girls matching dresses and some cushions out of some Hungry Caterpillar fabric I found in a quilting shop….and Miss 3 is still wearing hers two and a half years later 🙂







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