Hubbards New Muesli and Porridge Review

Hubbards New Muesli and Porridge Review

I was lucky enough to be asked to review Hubbards new Muesli’s and Porridges….what a crazy tough job haha.  I was given 4 new yummy ones to try: 

*Blueberry and Apple Creamy Porridge

*Coconut Currants and Cinnamon Creamy Porridge

*No Added Sugar Fig and Apple Muesli

*No Added Sugar Date and Almond Muesli

If you don’t want to read the whole review….basically they were so yummy I went out and bought a new flavour today: Pecan, Date and Maple and I’m excited to try that one too 🙂  

Hubbards New Muesli and Porridge Review

Obviously, my one-year-old thought they were pretty yum too:

Hubbards New Muesli and Porridge Review

-Everybody in my family except for my middle daughter (she is allergic to most things so don’t read too much into that!) could eat these goodies since they are all egg and dairy free (big tick from me!).  Some contain nuts so obviously check labels first…big thanks to Hubbards for responsible labelling, it was very easy to see the main allergens and there were full ‘may contain’ warnings.  

-The blueberry porridge was the biggest winner and was gone in 3 days! I was a bit skeptical about the ‘creamy’ label at first, but honestly it somehow did taste creamier than normal porridge!  We did make ours up with the milk substitute we use and cooked it about a minute longer than in the instructions.  

-My 8 year old is really loving finding cooking instructions on packaging at the moment and making things all by herself, so she has been happily making the family breakfast for the last week, so I’m definitely not complaining!  She also doesn’t like coconut very much, but she happily ate the coconut porridge.  

-I did find the dried fruit really hard and I picked them out of the muesli (really only because I am too cheap to go the dentist, so didn’t want to risk breaking a tooth!), but my one year old happily ate all the dried fruit.  There was a warning on the pack that this might be the case.  

-I was really happy with the oats/seeds/dried fruit composition…I really don’t like muesli packed full of sickly sweet sultanas or raisins but this definitely wasn’t the case and the blueberries had a lovely tart flavour.

-I liked the level of sweetness in the porridge..I am terrible for adding brown sugar to my porridge usually, but I found this had just enough sweetness that I didn’t need to add any sugar so probably ended up eating less sugar overall.  The muesli’s have no added sugar at all, any sweetness comes from the dried fruit.  If you have a real sweet tooth, you may find yourself wanting to add some, but I loved it as as, and served mine with fruit and coconut yoghurt.

I did also make up a particularly delicious (and not at all healthy) slice with the muesli, the recipe is here:


So, obviously, I’m sold 🙂  Has anybody else tried this?  What did you think?



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    Bridget Teasdale
    June 24, 2016

    That slice looks so delicious:)

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