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IMG_7636My Miss 3 is my most difficult child in terms of allergy, only being able to eat about 12 foods.  So I worry about her more than a Mum should have to.  But I’m finding that she really enjoys helping me in the garden and it’s a fantastic learning curve for her (yesterday she found out you can’t ‘grow’ spaghetti hahahaha), even if she can’t eat 99% of what we grow.  I think a lot of Mums I know think gardening is a lot harder than it actually is and shy away from it…so while I’m no professional gardener, I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a kid-friendly garden 🙂  

To write this post, I’ve been given a range of seeds and plants from the really lovely people at Terra Viva Home and Garden ( or Terra Viva Home and Garden on Facebook) …but all good garden stores will have what you need to make a basic kids garden 🙂

There are all sorts of fancy potions you can use to make your garden fantastic, but honestly  I just use compost (I make my own but there is nothing wrong with the bought stuff) and potting/garden mix to start them off in.  My biggest piece of advice to you is to replant whatever you have just planted in the garden back in the pot…so when I plant a zucchini in the garden that I have been raising in a pot, I start a new zucchini from seed.  I nearly always get a bit excited when the spring weather arrives and plant mine out too early..and then they get frosted.  So its always good to have backups.  I also find my zucchini and cucumber plants don’t fruit for the entire Summer so I plant new ones every 6 weeks or so.

Growing from seed: trust me it’s not hard!

I was given these Yates seeds, but this is the brand I usually use anyway..but not for any particular reason.


IMG_7631 IMG_7638







Then we just fill old punnets nearly to the top  with garden mix (you can just use any plastic tub and put a few holes in the bottom though).  If the seeds are really small (like lettuces) just sprinkle them over the top, if they are big (like peas and corn), I get the kids to put 4 to a container.  This is also a FAB counting exercise for 3 year olds!  Then just cover the seeds with a thin layer of the garden mix, give a wee sprinkle of water and wait…and wait..and wait (if you have slightly impatient children like mine!)  We water every other day usually.






Look out for the following post on planting out..and a ‘cheats’ way of gardening if growing from seed sounds like too much fuss..or you’ve left it a bit late 🙂










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    October 14, 2015

    What a super helpful post. I have always been terrified of gardening. To my immense shame! I hereby swear I will re-read this and give it a go. Gulp! Thanks!!

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      October 14, 2015

      Don’t be! But I am so glad to hear you are going to give it a go!

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