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 Excuse the terrible photo, but this fruit sushi is an awesome dish for birthday parties, and interestingly was the first thing to disappear at my daughters first birthday celebration recently..and there was plenty to choose from…so it definitely warrants an inclusion 🙂 It’s also safe for most people as its dairy, egg, nut and gluten free.  It has kiwifruit inside, but if that is a problem, you could substitute all sorts of other fruit like berries.


To start, you need to remove all the skin from a ripe pineapple.  Then cut down the sides, close to the core, you will end up with 4 large pieces.  Now you need to cut down the long sides as thinly as possible.  You will probably need quite a sharp knife to do this.



Next, line a large section of the bench with a double layer of cling film.  Then lay the pineapple carefully all over to make a large rectangle.












Next, you need to place a thick layer of rice pudding that has been made an hour or so in advance over the pineapple.  Then lay some kiwifruit slices on top of the rice.  Now using the cling film to hold onto, pull upwards so it starts to form a roll. Once its in a log shape, wrap tightly all around with the cling film, twist the ends together and place in the fridge overnight.  Take out, unwrap and cut into slices :).  










* for the rice pudding, I just place about 3/4 cup sushi rice in a pot with a tablespoon of sugar and some vanilla extract (the one with the seeds in).  Then I add about 1/2 cup coconut cream or milk and place it over a moderate heat on the stove.  Stirring often, just keep adding more coconut cream/milk until the rice is cooked through and the liquid is absorbed.  It generally uses about a 400g can but sometimes I need to open a second one, so might pay to have one on standby!





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