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We’ve just rounded up a two week school holiday break, with magic weather!  It’s been 2 weeks of paddling pool fun in our house and what kind of a day is paddling pool jumping without ice-cream?  Technically, this is not really ice-cream…but it is super creamy, very delicious, just have-to-have-another-spoonful, melt in the mouth frozen yoghurt.  And its dairy and egg free!

330g coconut yoghurt (I use Doctors Choice or occasionally make my own)

200g simple sugar syrup (just half and half sugar and water boiled together)

165g coconut cream (thats one of the mini tins)

Whisk all the ingredients together until should look like this:















Then place the mix in an ice-cream machine and freeze until thick:















If you don’t have a machine, you can freeze it in trays, whisking every 5 minutes until frozen. You can then blend it in a food processor and refreeze 🙂

*allergen advice: check the stabilisers in the yoghurt.


Miss 3, my worst for allergies, loves it…obviously!















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