Cherry blossom poured painting

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We’ve had a couple of messy weeks with nasty strep infections and a few of us down with tonsillitis…so yesterday we decided to handmake a few Xmas presents.  I had seen a gorgeous poured cherry blossom painting on Facebook and wondered if it was something the children could have a go at. I found a youtube clip showing the process: if you are interested, this is the link here.  Otherwise these photos should show you how to do it if you are interested.  For those in NZ, I got my supplies from Warehouse Stationery.  

cherry blossom poured painting



Pink, blue, white and brown or black acrylic paint

Golden polymer medium (we used Atelier brand)

Pipettes (we ended up using medicine syringes and paintbrushes as well)

Cherry blossom poured paintingPlace equal quantities of acrylic paint and the gloss/thinner in plastic cups.  We used about 2 Tablespoons of paint.  Add enough water so that it is a pouring consistency,  We used about 5 ml water.

Cherry Blossom poured painting

Layer the paint up in a plastic cup without stirring at all.
Cherry blossom poured painting

Drizzle some colours around the border of the canvas if you want to.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Quickly tip the cup upside down in the centre of the canvas.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Cherry blossom poured painting

Start to tilt the canvas around to spread the paint all over and create a marbling effect.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Cherry blossom poured painting

Ours looked like this when it was finished.  The kids really loved this step because everybody’s looked a bit different.

Next we drew the tree on with the brown paint mixed as for the other paints.  We tried doing this with a pipette but it didn’t work properly so we ended up dragging a paintbrush through.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Next we used a syringe (a pipette would work too) to make the pink blossoms.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Then we used another syringe to add drops of white inside the pink.  Then we added another drop of pink inside this.

Cherry blossom poured painting

Next we used a knife to (attempt!!!) to make the flowers a bit more blossom-like.  I wouldn’t say it was entirely successful but the kids had a great time 🙂

Cherry blossom poured painting

That’s it!  Then we just left it for a couple of days to dry.  If you want to learn from my mistake: do NOT leave it to dry on newspaper or you will have 200 pieces of newspaper attached to the bottom and sides of your painting….



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