Candy Cane Icecream


1 tub icecream (we use So Good soy ice-cream as my eldest can tolerate soy, but any plain ice-cream or homemade ice-cream is fine)

20 peppermint candy canes

100g melted dark chocolate (we use Whittakers 72% as its dairy free and really bitter which I love)





Take the ice-cream out of the freezer to begin defrosting.  Place the unwrapped (obviously, but you never know haha!) candy canes in a zip lock bag and smash with a rolling pin (the kids love this part!) until they are all in small pieces.  Melt the chocolate gently in the microwave or in a bowl over hot water.  Place the ice-cream in large chunks in a food processor or cake mixer.  You can do this by hand but its hard work!  Mix on low speed (you will understand why if you put it on high by accident haha) until its all come together instead of being in big lumps.  Quickly add the candy canes and mix briefly.  Then with the mixer on low, drizzle in the chocolate.  Turn the mixer off as soon as the chocolate is incorporated.  It should set quickly into long shards.  Place in a container back in the freezer…or eat all at once if you are anything like my daughter and I!













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