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After reviewing other boxes for My Food Bag, I was really interested to hear about the new Bargain Box so I was excited to do this Bargain Box Review to see what the meals were like and how they would fit with an allergy family 🙂  I hope it’s helpful for you all too!

Bargain Box Review

For this review, I received a Mega Box which is designed to feed a family of six for five nights.  Fish is sent every fortnight and we received our box on a ‘non-fish’ week.  This would be a good option for families with fish allergy as you would always know when fish was coming and just get a box every other week.  I have received fish in other boxes from their sister company My Food Bag and it has always been in top notch condition.  

Bargain Box Review

The Box Contents

My kids always really love unpacking the boxes when they arrive and for my 4 year old it is a really great lesson.  She can only eat a few foods so even though she can’t eat a lot of the stuff, I think it’s a great lesson for her to know all the names for every product so we go through them one by one.

Bargain Box Review

So what meals did we get?

*meatlovers lasagna

*chicken burgers

*chicken chowder

*sausage frittata

*Mexican beef and rice


Bargain Box Review

chicken burgers

Bargain Box Review

Miss 20 months thought the burgers were pretty fab

What was great?

*portion size: I was pleasantly surprised by the generous portions; we received nearly a kilo of meat for each of the dishes.  This was easily enough to feed 6, possibly with enough for a lunch or two as well.  

This photo shows a pack of meat for one of the meals:

Bargain Box Review

*ease: The dishes are REALLY easy to cook, and the recipes are super simple to follow. 

*family-friendly: I think the simpleness of the dishes would appeal to most families.  We are probably a bit more experimental than most families so we tend to opt for the Gourmet Good Bag most often, but having talked to a few different families getting the Bargain Box, it is by far the best option for their family, particularly when general food fussiness is added in.

*taste factor: even though the recipes are simple, they certainly weren’t bland or boring.  I didn’t have high hopes for the mince dish, but it was SO good!  I had it for lunch several times afterwards as it made A LOT!

*in terms of allergies a big plus was good labels on the food.  Also, I was worried the hamburger buns containing dairy, but they didn’t so that was a major win.  I found the recipes really easy to manipulate to be allergy-friendly (for us anyway).  We didn’t receive any nuts in this order which is a bonus as we have anaphylaxis issues, but that’s not to say other boxes wouldn’t..but they generally come very well sealed and we haven’t had any contamination issues.  

*packaging: the boxes always come really well packaged….our frozen goods were still very frozen when the bag arrived.  There is always a large sized freezer bag inside an insulated box, and we have never had an issues with food temperature.

Bargain Box Review

Lasagne: I adapted this for some of the non-dairy people in our house who can eat sheeps cheese by using that instead 🙂 

Bargain Box Review

Chicken chowder: I just substituted coconut cream for the cream in this recipe.

Bargain Box Review

Frittata: I substituted our milk replacement for regular milk in this recipe.  Obviously it wasn’t any good for my egg-allergic children, but I was able to use the sausages and vegetables to create a meal for them.

Bargain Box Review


*allergies: we have beef allergies in our house and the sausages had beef in…so we did a swap with my Mum for some 100% pork ones, which wasn’t a big deal for us, but may be more problematic for others.  We also have one with wheat allergy but luckily there wasn’t actually many wheat-containing ingredients in this particular box, but if you are also in this position, you may prefer to try the Gluten Free My Food Bag instead.  If allergies are stopping you from trying the boxes, you may wish to watch their Facebook pages, as they often put up what is in the following week’s boxes on a Wednesday with a chance to purchase then.  I’ve done this often.


I think overall the box really delivers on what is promised: tasty, but really cost-effective meals which are very generous.  I think it is possible to use the boxes with allergies, with a few adaptations here and there.






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