An invitation to play with water

One of my favourite things to do at home with my girls is to set up a station of play without telling them what it is or what they are supposed to do with it..then just watching what unfolds.  Today was a nice-ish day after a couple of rainy days so I set up an old baby bath with lots of different sized containers of coloured water.  I actually had in my head that I would set it up so it was ready for my 13 month old when she woke from her nap, but it was completely hijacked by my 3 and 8 year olds!
invitation to play with water






This activity is perfect for us right now, since it’s essentially free (New Years Resolution: spend less money!), it’s open-ended, can be done outside so doesn’t mess up the house I’m trying to organise (another New Years Resolution) and all three children can do it together (although miraculously my baby slept through the entire thing) with minimal arguing!


I just set up a wee towel with some different bits of cutlery and items from my daughter’s heuristic play basket.  The beads, tongs and whisk were the items of choice for my 3 year old.  I was expecting her to tip the water into all the different containers, but actually she was most interested in pouring it over the beads and seeing if they floated. 

 The best thing was when it got all mixed together and a bit yuk with bits of grass and other weird things that found their way in there, we just tipped the whole lot out and started again!

coloured water for water play invitation






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