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Looking for children’s books with allergies as a theme: hopefully this Allergy book review might help!
allergy book review






I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of books featuring allergies to review by Jackie at My Food Allergy Friends (  It was pretty awesome timing actually because my 3 year old is really into books and reading at the moment, but has also recently started preschool after me keeping her home primarily because of her allergies.  I think the move to preschool has probably been more anxiety-provoking for me than her (and she has been blessing me with bouts of sobbing at drop-off, so not a walk in the park!), just because I worry that she’ll get into something like egg that is really dangerous for her.  We don’t actually talk about allergies a lot, she just knows that she can’t eat most foods and she can reel off the few foods that are ok for her. If you asked her why, she would probably just tell you she gets very itchy, I haven’t really gone into a big conversation about the really scary side of allergies.  

Anyway, long story cut short….she LOVED the books!  She was very excited to hear of a boy who also goes to preschool and has allergies…and more so, he can’t eat dairy, nuts or eggs, JUST LIKE HER!  She reminded me of this frequently throughout the story haha.  She preferred the first book we read, Thai goes to a birthday party…probably because she loves parties and also it had less words so was probably slightly more age-appropriate for her.  She did really like the other one too though 🙂 Her bigger sister loved the books too and was really interested in mentions of the epipen as she is a bit of a scientist.  My 3 year old is grappling with right-and-wrong at the moment and she was very quick to point out when someone was about to do something ‘HOWWIBLE’ – her favourite word at the moment.  ‘Howwible’ really just means anything bad, dangerous, scary to her.  But mostly she used EVERY SINGLE PAGE as an excuse to list the foods that she actually can eat which was pretty cute.  


Miss 3 thinking of all her safe foods









I found these books a great starting point for a deeper conversation about allergies without needing to make it really personal.  It was also great to have a refresher conversation about how she can keep herself safe when I’m not around, and what to do if she starts to feel the effects of an allergic reaction.  

I hope this Allergy book review is helpful, several months later, and my daughter still loves reading them….and sure we will use them again when my allergic baby gets a bit older 🙂





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